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Helping dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis

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About Hope

1995 – The NCDL Hope Project runs an outreach clinic for homeless dogs once a month at the Beaumont Animal Hospital in North London

1996 – The Hope Project outreach clinics are expanded to Cambridge and Brighton while the clinics outside of London are replaced by voucher schemes

1998 – Voucher schemes are up and running in 9 areas including new schemes in Newcastle and Southampton

2000 – The NCDL Hope Project begins volunteering at Crisis Open Christmas, setting up kennels so that dog owners can access vital services over the Christmas period

2003 – The voucher scheme is extended to Wales and Scotland while the NCDL becomes Dogs Trust

2004 – The Dogs Trust Hope Project Veterinary Scheme is launched in 23 towns and cities, replacing the voucher schemes and outreach clinics

2007 – All 47 PDSA Pet Aid Hospitals join the Veterinary Scheme, expanding it to 15 new areas including our first Northern Ireland scheme in Belfast

2013 – The Veterinary Scheme expands to its 100th location.

2018 – The Hope Project currently runs in 113 towns and cities across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.