Hope Project

Helping dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis

Our Work with Hotels

During the current situation in relation to COVID-19, and in accordance with government guidelines, rough sleepers and other homeless people have been moved into hotel and emergency accommodation in order to enable them to self-isolate. 

However, for many homeless people, their dog is their best friend and main companion, so they are unlikely to move into alternative accommodation if this means giving up their beloved pet. 

Help and support if you are a hotel or homelessness service housing rough sleepers during the pandemic

We have adapted our Welcoming Dogs scheme so that we can provide ongoing support and guidance to hotels and homelessness services on accepting and managing dogs. We can support you with:

  • Tailored advice to hotels and other emergency accommodation providers around accepting and managing dogs in the form of telephone or video consultations during the current movement restrictions 
  • Supplying emergency dog food and essential items like collars, leads, toys and bedding, which can be delivered directly to the hotel or homelessness service 
  • Providing free emergency vet care for any dogs should they become unwell, as well as transportation to the vet practice
  • Temporary private boarding for dogs belonging to homeless people if they need to access hospital treatment for COVID-19 during this time 

If you would like support, please email us on welcomingdogs@dogstrust.org.uk or alternatively call us on 020 7833 7611. 

For guidance for homelessness services on supporting dog owners, see our information sheet here