Hope Project

Helping dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis

New Arrivals

If you have a new dog moving into your hostel, you should try and find out as much information as you can before they move in. You may want to interview the owner yourself so you can ask questions about their dog or you could ask your referral agencies to complete a referral form for the dog in advance.

Dogs Trust has put together some referral guidelines to help hostels ask the right questions of new residents with dogs. You can download the guidelines and use them to create a form or compile a list of questions to ask residents which is specific to your hostel.

Dog Referral Guidelines

It’s essential to speak to dog owners about providing veterinary care for their dog. Dogs Trust Hope Project's veterinary scheme can provide free vet care for dog owners who are homeless or in housing crisis, for example living in a hostel. 

If your hostel will be accepting dogs, please contact us so that we can ensure there is a veterinary practice near your hostel for your residents to use. Please note that all dogs on our scheme need to be neutered and microchipped within 4 months to continue receiving help from us so you may need to discuss this with new residents.  

Once a new resident and dog have moved into your hostel, it’s important to monitor how they are coping with their dog. If you provide regular key work sessions for your residents, include the dog in these sessions so that you can identify any problems early on and provide advice and support if needed.

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