Hope Project

Helping dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis

Why Accept Dogs

There are many benefits to accepting dogs in hostels, not just for the owner and their dog but also for staff and other residents. Please watch our video on the Benefits of Accepting Dogs:

Benefits for owners – When homeless people are forced to choose between their dog and a hostel place, most dog owners will choose to stay with their dog as their dog is often their main friend and companion. The bond between any dog and its owner is a strong one but never more so than with homeless people.  

By opening your hostel up to dog owners, you will be giving them access not only to shelter but to all the help, advice and support your hostel can give them.

Benefits for staff – Staff working in dog-friendly hostels tell us that by allowing dogs, they are often able to help homeless people who wouldn’t usually engage with services. Talking to a resident about their dog will often lead to you being able to help and support them in other ways.

Staff at dog-friendly hostels tell us that having dogs there lightens the atmosphere and makes the hostel feel more homely.

Benefits for other residents – Dogs are great social ice breakers and can get residents talking and interacting with each other. Dogs can also give other residents something to focus on. Many dog-friendly hostels have found that residents who had previously been withdrawn came out of their shell to talk to dogs and their owners.

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