Freedom Project

Providing temporary foster care for dogs belonging to families fleeing domestic violence

Pet Owners

At Dogs Trust we understand how difficult it can be to leave an abusive home, particularly if you have a dog. Our Freedom Project is here to help by providing a free and confidential dog fostering service.

If you would like to refer a dog to the Freedom Project we will need a small number of things from you, but we will be here to help you every step of the way.

Step 1: Call or Email us 

Please get in touch so we can talk you through how the project works and find out more about your dog.  If we are able to help, we will then send you a form to complete about your dog, and our service conditions which you would need to agree to. If it's easier, we could also send this paperwork to your key-worker or support worker who can help you fill this in. 

Step 2: Complete the form 

Once we receive the completed form about your dog, we will use this information to match him or her to the best foster home. We will also need a brief, written confirmation that you have fled domestic abuse and will be residing in refuge/emergency accommodation, this can be provided by your keyworker, support worker, housing officer, police officer or social worker. 

Step 3: We will match your dog to a volunteer 

We will match your dog to a suitable volunteer foster home and will make arrangements to collect them. In order to keep our staff safe, we are unable to attend the property where you have fled from, but we can meet you, or a representative on your behalf, at an agreed safe location nearby. Please bear in mind that it can take us between 1 - 5 days to arrange this. 

Step 4: Your dog will be fostered under the Freedom Project 

We will keep you regularly updated with photos and updates about how your dog is getting along, until you can be safely reunited with your pet. We can care for dogs on the Freedom Project for up to 6 months, in some cases we can make short extensions if needed. 


Please read our Referral Policy and Client Leaflet before referring pets to this project.


If you are fleeing domestic abuse and need advice and support, we would suggest contacting  the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 (UK) or Scotland's Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline on 0800 027 1234 (Scotland).


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