Hope Project

Helping dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis

How to Apply

Homelessness Organisations

If you are a homelessness organisation in one of the 113 areas where our scheme currently runs, you can make online applications for your clients and their dogs. To register your organisation on the project, please apply here.

If you are a homelessness organisation outside of our scheme areas, please contact us to discuss how Dogs Trust can help you.

We are only able to accept applications from homelessness organisations that are run by a local authority or a registered charity. 

Dog Owners

You can apply to the Hope Project Veterinary Scheme through a participating homelessness organisation in any of our 113 scheme areas. Please ask your local homelessness organisation if they take part in our scheme.

If you are not in touch with any of the organisations that participate in our scheme, you can apply to us directly. You will need to provide us with proof from a recognised homelessness organisation or your local authority that you are homeless or in temporary housing. Please contact us for more information. If you are not in contact with either of these services then please let us know and we can advise you further.