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Our Welcoming Dogs support

A Welcoming Dogs consultation is a free, easy to access process where we will take you through how to include dogs safely and responsibly.

Welcoming Dogs is suitable if you operate emergency accommodation or hostel, temporary or supported accommodation, temporary furnished flats, a day centre or access hub. It is also suitable if you are a local authority, social landlord, housing association or other housing provider. We support services who are brand new to accepting pets, or services who want support to strengthen policies and procedures. In short, we want to tailor this process to meet your needs!

We have created accessible resources and will host an in person or virtual consultation discussing your service environment, information specific to dogs and their welfare, and health safety and hygiene. Once you are ready, we will endorse you as a ‘Welcoming Dogs’ service provider.

Being endorsed as a 'Welcoming Dogs' service includes the following:

  • Working together to develop a bespoke dog policy and dog owner agreement
  • Information on risk reduction, hygiene, and keeping safe around dogs for people living and working in the service
  • Support with developing risk assessments 
  • The ability to access free veterinary care for the service users’ dogs through the Hope Project’s veterinary scheme
  • Support packs to welcome dogs into services
  • An endorsement certificate to display and promote
  • Listing on the Hope Project’s online directory of dog-friendly homelessness services
  • Ongoing support from the Hope Project team

We would love to hear from you and work together to ensure that pets and their owners do not have to be separated. You can reach our Pets and Housing Coordinators on Welcomingdogs@dogstrust.org.uk